Get Your Book Featured

In order for your book to be featured, I’ll need to read it and write a review. Typically I’ll choose the books I want to review, based on my knowledge of the author or interest in the Blurb at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. However, from time to time I will accept requests from new or existing authors to review their works of fiction so that they can be featured here at

There are a few simple prerequisites that must be true of your work.

1) The work must be currently available (or soon to be available) on Amazon or Barnes and Noble (Kindle or Nook). If I choose to review the work, and can provide a positive review, I will publish my review here at complete with cover and link to the book’s page at both or either of those websites. I will not publish negative reviews, derogatory comments or link to websites or other media resources. The sole purpose of these reviews is to promote the work of professional and semi-professional authors.

2) The work must be complete and ready to be presented to the public. Please do not submit works in progress, sample chapters, drafts or other forms of uncompleted works. That said, if you are producing a series which you intend to publish in parts, you may submit each part individually, provided that each part of the work is currently (or soon to be) available to the public through Amazon or Barnes and Nobel.

3) The work must be a work of fiction that features one or more male submissives. Please do not submit “true life” stories, “how to” guides, anecdotes, works of non-fiction or opinion pieces. Although I plan to review works of non-fiction in the future, I am currently not accepting requests to review works of non-fiction. Please do not submit works primarily focusing upon female submissives. The focus of this site and the clientele of this site is upon the male submissive.

4) Please submit your request for a review via email. The email should include any contact information you’d like to supply, The title of your book, pen/author name, link to the book at either or both Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble, and the blurb that you’d like to accompany the review.

5) Attach your manuscript in MOBI or PDF format and your book cover in JPEG (or similarly common format) to the email.

6) Submit the email to me at

7) Please be patient. I will make every effort to respond in a timely fashion to all requests for a review, but it may take me several weeks to get back to you. If you haven’t heard from me in 30 days or more, please do feel free to write to me at the same email address to prompt me.

Finally, Please note that if I do not choose to review your story, for whatever reason, it does not mean I don’t think it’s a good story or that you are not a good writer: There may be any number of reasons I pass on a review. I will write to you and let you know that I’ve chosen to pass, and as unsatisfying as that statement alone may be, I will not necessarily give a reason for my having done so. In any case, I will not post a negative review here or elsewhere.

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