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Long Hair MalesubIf you write novels and/or short stories with Male submissive characters – gay -straight -pansexual, I’d like to invite you to be listed in the MaleSub-hub at The MaleSub-Hub will feature works of fiction and related links of interest to lovers of male submissive art and literature.

What Does it Cost?

All listings are free. It costs nothing. I would appreciate a link back to the MaleSub-Hub at if it is reasonable for you to do so. As my own novels come out over the course of the coming year, any help you could offer back in getting the word out would be appreciated, but there will be no charge or obligation of any kind for listing.

What you get:

  1. Book Link: The Malesub-hub will feature the link to a book page, which will display your Cover, Title, pen-name, price, Genre, and your “back-cover” blurb. We’ll also include any links you can supply under “Where to buy this book.” You are also encouraged to include a link directly to your Goodreads page, or any private page you’d like readers to view specifically about that book.
  2. Author Page Link: You may also wish to list a link to your author’s page under Authors of MaleSub Fiction. This link would send readers to your Author’s page/website etc, where readers may find out more about you and all of your other work.

Interested? Here’s How To Proceed:

1) For your Authors Page Link, all I need is your pen name and the link to your authors page. You can email the link to me at Please be sure to write SUBHUB AUTHORS PAGE LINK in the subject heading.

2) If you’d like a link to your book, then for the Book Link I’ll need:

  1. Title
  2. Pen name
  3. Blurb
  4. Focus (M/m, F/m PAN/m),
  5. Genre (Sci-Fi, Contemporary crime, etc)
  6. A list of all the “where to buy” links you’d like included.
  7. Your Goodreads link if you have one.
  8. A list of any Keywords you’d like associated with your book. (i.e. Muscle Slave, FemDom, Gay Leather, Gay BDSM, Female Supremacy, Human Pet, etc.)
  9. Attach the BOOKTITLE.JPG file for your book cover to the email. Remember to replace the word “booktitle” with the title of your book.(I bet some of you think I didn’t need to say so. :))

Just put this all together in an Email message. Please write SUBHUB BOOK SUBMISSION in the subject heading, and send it to me at I’ll add your link as soon as is possible.

3) If you want your Book Listed in one of the Featured Sections, please read the “Get Your Book Featured” page and follow the directions.


Are there any restrictions?

Yes. First and foremost your work must be a work of fiction. Secondly, it should feature submissive male characters. I don’t want to post/link to material involving minors in any form of sexually explicit situations. I’d likewise also prefer to avoid somewhat more offensive subject matter such as bestiality, however, if it is a fantasy setting, say for example, one of your characters is a Neko, Elf or Minotaur, werewolf, etc, please do go ahead and submit your link. Ultimately, I will decide if I want to post any link, but keeping the above in mind will save both of us some time. In short, if your book is about Male Submission, the activities depicted are between consenting adults, and the heat is somewhere between wildly and explicitly pornographic, to mildly erotic, chances are we’ll be a good fit.

How will I know when my Link is posted?

I won’t necessarily be notifying each author of their posting personally. The best way know when your link is posted is to subscribe/sign up to, my Tumblr, twitter and/or Facebook page, since each new book listing will be posted throughout that network. I’ll also do my best to friend/follow back on each of those sights since we all appreciate a good following.

Do I have to be a professional or published author to participate?

No. If your work is self-published in any manner, (for sale or freely available to the public) you are welcome to participate. Please submit your author’s page link. Without a book cover we can’t necessarily showcase a specific book, but we are happy to link over to any page where readers can find your work.

If I want to stop participating, can I get my link(s) removed?

Yes, of course. I manage the list personally, so just email me with the link(s) you want removed and I will remove them.

Can I get my book featured?

Featured Books are books I have reviewed, and of course, my own books and those I have published. If you’d like your book reviewed, please follow my submission guidelines for book reviews. I can’t promise you when I’ll get to review your book (or even if I will) so be sure to do the links anyway. If I review, then you’ll get a feature post.

If you want your Book Listed in one of the Featured Sections, please read the “Get Your Book Featured” page and follow the directions.

Can you publish my book or short story?

No. I’m not accepting submissions for publication at this time.

I submitted a Link, but it hasn’t shown up. What should I do?

Well, something went wrong. Please check that you’ve included all of the requested information, that your links all work and resubmit your email to me. Don’t forget the book cover I’ll get it posted as soon as possible.

Have a question I didn’t cover? Just drop me a note at

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