About the MaleSub-Hub

Welcome to The MaleSub-Hub

Gay Slave GaggedThe MaleSub-Hub is a directory and blog focused on the male submissive in art and literature.

As I am an author myself, the main focus of the MaleSub-Hub will be male submissives in fiction. I’ll be providing links to books and stories primarily featuring male submissives, some gay, some straight and some where the line between is somewhat less distinct. I’ll also be including links to Blogs, Tumblrs, websites and other resources that I find attractive, interesting or entertaining. If you’d like your Tumblr, blog, or website included in one of my lists, just drop me an email at jonahbergan@gmail.com and I’ll have a look. Be sure to include a little information so I can announce your inclusion in the list. Please be certain your resource primarily features male submissives or discussions and topics of interest to male submissives and those who enjoy them. If you are a writer and would like to have your book listed, please Read the “How To Get your Book Listed” page.

I am also very interested in working with artists and photographers who would like to promote their websites, blogs and portfolios. If you are a photographer or graphic artist and have a resource you’d like listed, please email me at jonahbergan@gmail.com

About Featured BDSM Book Listings:

Listed under “Featured Gay BDSM books,” You’ll find novels I’ve reviewed that offer a M/m (or boyxboy) theme and plot line. Likewise, under “Featured FemDom Books,” you’ll find novels with a F/m theme or plot line. Not all of these books will be expressly pornographic. Some will be extremely pornographic, others perhaps might be considered simply erotic, while others will focus more on plot and story, but all will, in one way or another include the male submissive as a substantial participant in the story.

About General Book Listings:

In addition to featuring select BDSM novels, I’ll also be providing a directory of Gay BDSM Novels, and a Directory of FemDom Novels. The distinction between a simple listing and a “feature” will be that I will have read featured novels, and can recommend them. The General Book Listings are intended to be a directory of BDSM novels and stories, but inclusion in the list shouldn’t’ be construed as a recommendation. The directories are meant to make it easier for us to locate novels and collections of stories of interest to those who enjoy a male sub story. That said, there are a lot of excellent stories out there, and I’ll be doing my best to point you in the right direction.

If you are here for images of male slaves, male subs and so on, the Tumblr listings should help you to find some images and videos you’ll enjoy.

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