The Citadel

The Citadel by Kyle StoneThe Citadel
By Kyle Stone

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The dark, dangerous sequel to the thrilling INITIATION OF PB 500. Having proven himself worthy of his demanding alien master, number 500 now faces new challenges as he enters the dreaded Citadel alone. Gay male erotica.


My Review

Micah, the blond long haired human slave called Chento, is given to his Master’s cruel and sadistic brother as a gift. No explanation is given. He is bound, crated and shipped, like cargo to the Citadel, where some significant degradation and torment await. Has he failed his Master? Has he disappointed or displeased his Master, or does his Master have some other agenda?

Fans of Femdom will find the occasional hint of fun in one of the chapters where Chento is presented to a number of alien women who pose him as a model for their art class. They lead him around by a ribbon tied around his cock. As a slave, he certainly has no choice about who he is to serve or in what capacity, but the M/m crowd will not be shocked or offended or even distracted by this brief scene. The majority of the tale is focused very squarely on M/m action.

For the critics of the PB500 novel who felt there was too much brutality in that first book, please go back and read the part in this review about the master’s sadistic older brother. Note the word sadistic and move on. For those who conversely felt that the degradation and torment depicted in the first novel of this series was not quite enough, I think you’ll find this novel much more stimulating -particularly when Chento is isolated in his new master’s dungeon. Some heavy duty torture takes place there.

It’s a dark story, not overly dark for the most part -although those chapters in that dungeon were pretty intense -so you’ll have to decide for yourself if it was over the top or just right for your tastes. As I have come to expect from Kyle Stone’s work, It’s a good story, with some good action and it does provide some great hours of entertainment.

I strongly recommend this one.

Buy this book on Amazon

Buy this book at Barnes and Noble 

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