Blue Fire

Blue Fire Domination Fire Series book 2 by Cassandra DayneBlue Fire
(Fire Series)
Book 2: Domination
by Cassandre Dayne

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Description: Detective Jax Steele is baffled by a case involving several missing children of prominent and upper-scale Richmond citizens. His homicide department tapped after a Congressman’s son turns up mutilated and he and his partner have few clues as to who could be committing such heinous crimes. When a tip leads them to an exclusive and secret BDSM club, Jax is forced to ask for help from his ex-lover, Aleksandr Vasiliev, the Russian artist who he can’t forget, but refuses to indulge in their shared passion of a D/s relationship and unwilling to accept Aleks is a creature of the night. As the horrors mount, terrifying memories of his childhood haunt Jax including shadowed whispers of some ancient culture.

As another young adult is found with a second connection to the club and to a group of prominent politicians, Jax has no choice but to go undercover with Aleks posing as a couple. While the killer continues his reign of terror, he leads them down a twisted path of dark secrets until both men are faced with an uncertain future. Unfortunately, the monster enjoys their game of cat and mouse, and both lives are slammed into the path of a killer bent on revenge and on securing the ancient Kingdom that Aleks denies. As Jax is finally forced to face not only his needs, but also the ugly reality that Aleks is a vampire, he has to make a the most difficult choice of his life, complete domination or allowing more innocent humans to die.

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