Male Submission Images

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Jonah’s Malesub Tumblr

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No blog about male submission would be complete without a nice selection of male submission images. I mean, frankly, it’s a turn on, right? My personal preference, typically, is toward the more artful and less expressively pornographic, although to be fair, occasionally I like some much more explicit work.

From time to time I’ll post an image or two here at that I find particularly inspiring, but most of the images will be posted at my Tumblr (here). I hope you will enjoy the images I post as much as I do.

Now that the MaleSub-Hub is starting to have some useful M/m and F/m links, -including the *new* Gaypups Section, it should be easier than ever to find the Submissive Male BDSM images that you enjoy.

Please keep in mind that Tumblr’s come and go, so if one of the links stops working, or you get that lovely tumblr “There’s Nothing Here” page, please just shrug and move on. I’ll notice eventually.

Of course, if it bothers you intensely, you can feel free to drop me an email and let me know. That might help me to notice sooner. If you do, please be sure to include the category and name of the link in your email.

FYI: The pic is Super model Jhonnes Mattos from 40 Graus in Rio de Janeiro.

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