Welcome to Femanistria

Welcome to Femanistria by H TanhideWelcome to Femanistria
by H Tanhide
(Femanistrian Life Book 1)

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Welcome to Femanistria is one man’s exploration into a lifestyle that he had only fantasised about. Despite paying for the services of professional dominatrices over the years, he was never truly satisfied… Until now!

Harry Tanhide is taking an indefinite break from his one-man business of providing electromechanical services to his clients. He has been a very successful engineer considering he’s only in his early thirties. His passion for hiking around the wilderness, exploring places he hasn’t yet visited and just feeling free from everyday life exhilarates him. This lifestyle has kept him fit and in good shape. He’s one of those men with a trustworthy face and is always popular with the ladies. Because of what he does, he avoids the many advances for dates with women who work at the places he maintains, primarily because he doesn’t wish to make a fool of himself if they don’t have the same interests as his.

Whilst touring Eastern Europe, he stumbles into Femanistria and meets a gorgeous female whom he immediately falls in love with. She instantly recognises his potential for becoming a useful worker and begins the process of testing and subsequently integrating him into her fruit and vegetable production facility.

As the days unfold, Harry learns more and more about the matriarchal society that he quickly realises he will never be allowed to leave. This is the dream he’s been searching for, but now it becomes reality!

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