Stalk Bad Things Book 2 by Cassandre DayneStalk
(Bad Things Book 2)
by Cassandre Dayne

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Description: Do creatures rule the world, living amongst us as they grow in strength in an effort to enslave humans?

Humanity for the citizens in Charleston, South Carolina, was all but over. The crimson moon waning, the devil himself had returned to take back control of the earth and all creatures were required to obey. Only one human woman could save what had no chance of being saved — if the members of the Pride were able to find her.

For Anastasia Lucard, the new leader of the oldest and most revered were-tiger Pride in the world, the loss of one so precious threw her into a heightened stage of rage and damning hunger. Determined to locate the woman before it was too late, Anastasia entered into a life-ending war involving humans and beasts alike. As the bloody battle ensued, she had only one man to turn to, and his very humanity kept her sane as brutal murders raced through the ancient city.

Trenton Parker was succumbing to the savage beast he had no comprehension of how to control. As the realization of what he truly was settled in, he fought his heritage, desperate to find his way. Caught between a world of good versus evil, he’s torn as he searches for answers. With the ancient curse of his kind snapping at his heels, he creates a plan, one that could cost him his life and damn his soul for all eternity.

Could his desire conquer the blackness enshrouding the city before the final turn, or would he lose the most precious gift known – love?

One decision proved too costly…

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