Shattered by Korin DushaylShattered
by Korin Dushayl
Genre: F/m, Transgressive

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Description: When a sweet, intelligent twenty-five year old with undiagnosed Asperger’s and PTSD seeks help from a ruthless, unscrupulous, sadistic therapist, she shatters his psyche and throws him into a suicidal depression. Her crude attempts to pick up the pieces — enslaving him and subjecting him to unethical, unsanctioned, experiments — ignore the lines of consent and the responsibilities of a Dominant.

Just where do you cross the point of no return?

“The work … unfolds with the assured touch of a bestselling mainstream author, seducing us into the lives of people with needs and agendas that find wings in the dark. Only an author familiar with this landscape could peel back these layers of psychological complexity without flinching and without dramatic compromise … Prepare to submit to this reading experience, which will mark you with its narrative power.” — Larry Brooks, USA Today bestselling author of Darkness Bound and Bait and Switch

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