Ravage Bad Things Book 3 by Cassandre DayneRavage
(Bad Things Book 3)
by Cassandre Dayne

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Description: Evil lurked in every shadow and corner of Charleston, South Carolina and the understanding that were-tiger beasts ruled the forests had pushed the good citizens into a state of panic. For Detective Devon Brazlin, days and nights rushed together in a manic state. Anastasia Lucard, the love of his life and the woman he’d only just begun to know, was in jeopardy, her very soul in danger of freefalling into the pits of hell and damnation. While he’d begun to believe in the ancient curses forcing a ravaging hunger into the Pride, he’d made a sacred promise to Anastasia and refused to succumb to fear or the continuing threats from a man he now knew to be pure evil. Enlisting the help of Kristoff Chenault, considered the most powerful warrior within the clan, he was determined to end the bloodshed and break the curse.

Constantine Dumont had enjoyed the playful antics of humans and his kind alike, but was finally weary of the games. After all, he was the rightful ruler of heaven and hell. Now was the time to take back his Kingdom. Two women were all that stood in his way and he was determined to make them both his immortal slaves. As the final ending battle approached, he was thwarted by one man, yet he held more than one key and the secret would allow him retribution.

When the past and the present collided, forcing Devon and Kristoff into a myriad of choices, Devon made a final decision, the only one with any chance of saving his beloved. With hope the only saving grace, he entered into the abyss and in his heart he knew, there was no recourse.

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