Lyon on a Leash

Lyon On A Leash by Erosa KnowlesLyon on a Leash
By Erosa Knowles

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Description: Every woman should experience the love of an Alpha submissive man at least once in her life…

Successful attorney Vera Knight has it all – an interesting career, a stunning home, and all the money she needs to travel the world in style. The only thing she doesn’t have is a man – and not just any man will do. She needs a submissive who will let her be as successful in the bedroom as she is in the courtroom.

Innovative graphic artist Marcus Lyon is on the hunt for the right woman to serve. Pleasing a Dominate and keeping her happy rocks his world. But a former D/s relationship has left him with emotional scars and a new attitude. The next woman he pleases will need to follow a few rules…

When Vera and Marcus meet at a fund raising slave auction in New York City, sparks fly, and she corners her man. Vera is sure she’s found the Alpha Submissive she’s been looking for, but will Marcus agree to give her the key to his heart as well as his collar?


This romantic story is a fictional account of a couple who have chosen to have a Female Led Relationship or FLR. In the BDSM community she is called his Domme, Dominant or Mistress and he is her submissive. He is no doormat. This story is not about pain, or whips and chains, rather it deals with the challenges a couple faces with the day to day grind of living and loving together.

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