Honeymoon in Femanistria

Honeymoon in Femanistria By H TanhideHoneymoon in Femanistria
by H Tanhide
(Femanistrian Life Book 2)

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Description: Honeymoon in Femanistria is the second installment of the Femanistrian Life series and takes up the story from Welcome to Femanistria, following Tiberius as he approaches the date of his union to Milena Laska. Having been in Femanistria for two weeks, settling into a routine and continually learning how to become a good Femanistrian male, Tiberius undergoes a humiliating, week-long punishment by having to dress and serve as a maid. As his day of union approaches, he undergoes some intensive training in preparation for the big day, and on the day in question, he meets his Queen for the first time. The ceremony itself is a revelation, the likes of which have not been witnessed for many years, but renews the faith in all of Femanistria of their chosen goddess, Juno. After the ceremony, the union is consummated, but not exactly how Tiberius envisages it; he learns a little bit more about how life as a Femanistrian husband is going to be and realizes he has no choice in the matter. Soon, he and Milena, his confirmed, eternal Domina, set off on their honeymoon and more surprises are in store for him, all designed to improve his behavior to the vision she has planned for his future. His self-appointed mission to become accepted continues…

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